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Gallifrey's Judy Hopps of Romsdalen, aka "Lilly"


Black and White




Sire: GIC Pomelo Av Fager*D
Dam: IC Rinoa Heartlilly Laguna Loire*ES

Health Screening:

PK Deficiency: negative
Glycogen Storage Disease: negative
HCM: negative (11/2021, 4/2023)

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Lilly is a wonderful sweet cat and a very dedicated mother. She came to us from Gallifrey's Norwegian Forest Cats in Hungary. I have never had a cat who is such a Princess or who talks so much. When we feed her, she will not come to the bowl, we have to bring the bowl to her, and she yells at us if she thinks we are not responding to her needs fast enough. We can have long conversations with her because she will always respond when you talk to her. We, of course, in no way encourage this behavior;). She is very independent but also loves to cuddle. She has fantastic long, silky fur that almost never mats, a beautiful long tail and a perfect straight profile.  Lilly is now spayed and living her best life. She still has her babies Ike and Ivy to keep her company. Although she probably wouldn't mind if Ike moved out, since he's twice her size and loves to body tackle her. She is not amused by his antics.

She was TICA's Mid-Pacific Region's Best Norwegian Forest Cat of 2022!




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