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I have always loved cats. I got my first cat when I was 15. She was a farm cat, born in southern MN. She was raised by her mother in a basement away from people. She had no human socialization as a kitten, so she never really liked people. But she was my cat, and I loved her. Later, when I was looking to get a cat of my own, I discovered the Norwegian Forest Cat. I had never seen such beautiful cats before. I found a local breeder and waited patiently to be able to bring home my new kitten. It was 8 months before the breeder had a kitten available, and it felt like forever. I was so excited on the day we picked up Olie. He adjusted to his new home immediately and spent that night and the rest of his nights sleeping next to me on my pillow. Olie opened my eyes to how different an intentionally-bred, well-socialized cat is compared to a random bred cat. I saw how special NFCs are, I knew I wanted to be involved in their protection and preservation. I started with showing Olie in Premiership (the neutered/spayed group) at CFA cat shows. During this time, I learned about the breed standard, health issues in the breed and feline husbandry and midwifery. After a few years of learning, I felt ready to start a breeding program of my own.

Breeding Philosophy

We are truly convinced NFC's are the perfect breed. They are a very healthy breed overall, and we want to keep it that way. For us, this means being very selective in who we use as breeding cats. And testing for common health issues to make sure our breeding cats are healthy. They have wonderful personalities, which we try to foster and bring out through constant, active socialization from the time the kittens are born. And of course, we want to preserve the look, coat and size of the cats that makes them who they are. The cats that live with us are beloved pets first and are show/breeding cats second. Our cats have free run of the house, unless there is a health reason for separation. They are always free to come and get attention, and we will always stop what we are doing at least long enough to give them a head scratch. If you have any questions about our cats or kittens please email us.

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