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Elvdal's L'amour of Romsdalen ("Juniper")


Brown mackerel tabby and white (amber carrier) (E/e)




Sire: Elvdal's Nussknacker
Dam: Chrisycats Vilda

Health Screening:

PK Deficiency: negative
Glycogen Storage Disease: negative
HCM: too young to test

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Juniper came to us from the beautiful land of northern Germany. We are so grateful to have her with us and can’t thank her breeder enough for trusting us with her. She has some truly beautiful cats in her pedigree, and I can’t wait to see what her kittens are like. Even as a kitten, she is all muscle. When you pick her up, it is surprising how heavy she is for her size. I took her to one show (She hissed at the other cats the whole time so that was the beginning and end of her show career!), and even one of the judges commented on how good her weight is. She has a wonderful personality. She loves to snuggle and purr just about as much as she likes to play with her toys. My poor boys who are twice her size never get to play anymore, because she just takes over the toys and won’t let them in.

In addition to her wonderful muscle, she has lovely ears and ear set, fantastic eyeliner that she gets from her daddy, a straight profile and wonderful coat texture. She is also an amber carrier, so she and Tiamat can have amber colored babies. She has a lot of growing to do before then, but I can’t wait to see how beautiful their babies will be.




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