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DK*Sakeena's Bride of 9 Spiders (aka Josephine)


Silver mackerel tabby and white




Sire: MX*Mishka Iker
Dam: DK*Tilia Nova's Anna Ancher

Health Screening:

PK Deficiency: negative
Glycogen Storage Disease: negative
HCM: too young to test


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Josephine comes to us from the beautiful city of Copenhagen, Denmark. I have always loved the look of the Danish NFCs, and I am thrilled to have Josephine join our group. She has an amazing pedigree, and she is an outstanding example of the breed. She has the best coat texture of any NFC I’ve ever owned. She has a lovely head and nice heavy boning. I have also always wanted a silver cat and a high white cat, and she has both! The other fun thing about her is she carries solid, dilute and amber, so she and Tiamat can have tons of different colors for their babies. Her personality is more quiet and reserved than my other cats, but she is super sweet with a loud purr. She is still very adventurous and had so much fun exploring her new home when she got here. I can’t thank her breeder, Sakeena, enough for trusting us with this very special girl!




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