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Romsdalen's Ivy


Brown Classic Tabby and White




Sire: GC, BWR, NW Featherland Kingfish
Dam: CH Gallifrey's Judy Hopps of Romsdalen

Health Screening:

PK Deficiency: negative
Glycogen Storage Disease: negative
HCM: negative (8/20023)

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We were hoping to have a girl that we could keep from Lilly's first litter and Ivy was the one! Ivy tends to be a little quiet, but I think that is largely due to the boys, Ike and Tiamat, being so dominating and so much bigger. Nothing bothers her except when the boys get too rough wresteling with her. She is a dream to show and is happy to let the judges check her out. She spends all night sleeping on the bed with me and purrs anytime you pet her. She has a wonderful coat, perfectly straight profile and nice balance to her head. She loves to cuddle with the other cats and groom them, so I think she will be a great mom.




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